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Kona Coffee Recipes
5 Simple Steps
A Hot Cup of Kona Coffee
  • Start with FRESH ROASTED Rooster Farms 100% Kona certified organic coffee in the roast of your choice.
  • The best coffee deserves THE BEST WATER.
  • Use the APPROPRIATE GRIND for your brewing method, remember to adjust measurements to your taste.
  • Use the correct WATER TEMPERATURE, 195°F or 90.6°C.
  • Brew only what you need so you're always drinking FRESH BREWED coffee.
Available through our mail-order is The Roosters' favorite way to make coffee, the French press. The French press is a plunger style coffee steeping method of brewing.
Remember to start with your best drinking water, heat until just before boiling, pour over a measured amount of grinds, (instructions and measuring scoop included), stir, wait 4 minutes, plunge and pour to enjoy The Roosters' coffee at its richest.

This is The Roosters' favorite way to beat the summer heat.

  • Start with The Roosters' 100% Kona Coffee. Brew twice as strong as normal).
  • Place 2 Tbs. honey in each mug - pour coffee over honey - stir until melted. Let cool. Then add ice and cream or milk (if desired).