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Our customer centric approach helps determine what design does matter for you. Designs that matter deliver value. They pave paths to revenues. They unblock obstacles.

"Client" is the top of our organization chart.

Fusing creative design with serious technology know how, Design Matters has built leading edge, dynamic web solutions since 1994.
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Go to site Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook has played piano music for thousands of listeners over the last 20 years. One of his piano talents is making music that is new age with a difference. Matthew's music is treasured music by many in Humboldt County and by a equal number of people beyond the boundaries of Northern California. His piano music has been partially inspired by the majesty of the Redwood Forests.
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Go to site Merriman's Restaurant
He has been called the Pied Piper of Hawaii Regional Cuisine by the L.A. Times, the New York Times called him a culinary Renaissance man, but, Peter Merriman is not ready to stop his ceaseless innovation and pushing the culinary envelope.

This upscale eatery has become known nationally as one of the "homes" of Hawaii Regional Cuisine. It has garnered the respect of publications and diners around the world.
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Go to site Hawaiian Styles
Hawaiian jewelry that not only appeals to those of island heritage that treasure the meaning behind the designs, but also to the tastes of discerning jewelry buyers world-wide. This is a line of truly distinctive Hawaiian style jewelry. The pieces are all hand cast with the aloha spirit of Hawaii...
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Go to site A Real Estate Concern Hawaii
Think you want to be a Kona Coffee Farmer? A Real Estate Concern-Hawaii is one of Kona's oldest and most respected companies and your quest for the perfect property is very important to me.
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Go to site Food Maven
Arthur Schwartz, also known as The Schwartz Who Ate New York, was one of the first male newspaper food editors in the country and is now a cookbook author, cooking teacher, and host of "Arthur Schwartz With Food Talk," a daily program heard on WOR radio, New York's number one talk station. On Sundays, his two-hour program is syndicated across the U.S. and Canada...
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Go to site Glenna Farms
They pride themselves in providing delicious Pure Maple Syrup and Pancake Mix. Family owned since 1994, we offer a variety of products and specialize in gift packages for corporate and individual clients...
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Go to site Organic Wine Company
A selection of the finest certified organic wines available. They come from family property and from about a dozen other excellent organic wine producers in France & Italy. All of the wines are Earth-friendly, made in partnership with nature from certified organically grown grapes. They are free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals, and essential natural preservatives like sulfur dioxide are kept to a minimum...
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