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Green Coffee

For the Home Roaster or Small Batch Roaster

100% Kona and 100% Hawaiian unroasted green coffee is now available through our award winning Kona coffee farm.

We are the oldest certified organic coffee farm in the United States.

If you are a home roaster and want to roast some great coffee for yourself, you can try our different grades of Hawaiian Green Coffee, and practice and experiment yourself, while supporting American farmers!

Green coffee is unroasted coffee, which is still raw and can even be germinated into a coffee plant. We carry three kinds of green coffee: 1) 100% Hawaiian coffee 2) 100% Kona Coffee and 3) 100% Ka'u Coffee. Hawaiian grade coffee is coffee that was too small or not quite the exact grading to be called Kona coffee. However it is still coffee grown in Hawaii and a lot of it comes right from the same trees our Kona coffee comes from!

We also carry estate grade green 100% Kona coffee. And Lastly we now carry green Ka'u Coffee from the Ka'u region southeast of Kona, for the artisanal roaster to try.

Read what our hundreds of past customers on Etsy and Google have to say!

Green Coffee for Purchase

^ THANK YOU for supporting our farm! :D ^

Green Coffee - 100% Hawaiian Gr.


From Big Island


Green Coffee - 100% Kona, Estate Gr.


From Big Island


Green Coffee - 100% Kona, PEABERRY Beans


Green Coffee - 100% Ka'u Region


From Big Island


Green Coffee - 100% Kona Peaberry Beans


From Big Island


Green Coffee - 100% Kona, Estate Gr.


From Big Island


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How do yoU Brew?

Please check back very soon for Brewing Kits, Gift Sets, and a tasty choice of the many brewing methods that are taking the coffee world by storm! There is no Right Way to brew -- only what tastes best for you, perhaps even just for the moment! [ We alternate occasionally but are especially fans of the Pour Over method and Turkish Style coffee, depending on the taste-mood of the day ]

1. Pour-Over Method 2. French Press 3. Turkish Coffee 4. Cold Brew 5. Aeropress 6. Stovetop Percolator

1- Liked for its customizability for the perfect cup - rich taste or lighter brew; single cup or a carafe. Works well with a few types of grinds;

2- Retains more naturally occurring oils for a smooth and flavorful brew;

3- Not for the faint of tongue; a powder-fine grind is boiled in directly, becoming the best part at the end of the cup. Add cardamom for unique flavor

4- There is much debate to get the 'right' cold brew; we like to keep it simple and leave the brew in the refrigerator overnight for 8 hours or more.

5- According to some passionate coffee-lovers, this might be the ultimate coffee brew. Your taste buds will tell you whether or not it is for you!

6- One of the earliest and still one the very tastiest methods to get a simple espresso or coffee brew. A very rich and smooth cup results.