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Rooster Farms Coffee Company in the Asian Journal
Asian Journal
November 1, 2001

Kona Coffee has joined the ranks of prestigious agricultural products with registered certification marks (trademarks for agricultural products) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Officially known as '100% Kona Coffee', the certification mark is owned by the Department of Agriculture of the State of Hawaii, who can now stop people who might be tempted to use the name Kona on beans grown elsewhere in the world. The trademark can only be used on bags of coffee that was grown within the geographic borders of the North and South Kona Districts on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Did you ever wonder why there are certification marks from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office for names like Grown in Idaho Potatoes, Florida Citrus, Washington Apples, Wisconsin Real Cheese, and even Colombian Coffee? It's the name of the game in protecting consumers and growers alike when it comes to authenticity and quality of the product you consume. Otherwise you might be buying spuds from the Sea of Cortez, oranges from Indonesia, apples from the Middle East, or cheese from the Moon. The temptation to capitalize on the name 'Kona' by substituting coffee from other origins for real Kona coffee has been tempting because the 600 small (3 - 5 acre) farms in Kona only grow 2 Million pounds of unroasted coffee - only .03% of the world's coffee production which exceeds 6.6 Billion pounds.

Battles for authenticity were also fought in Napa Valley to protect consumers from bogus wine. In the 1960's, Napa Valley vintners transformed wine from an ordinary beverage to a symbol of high culture. But in doing so they created a demand for these extraordinary grapes that could not be filled by the small vineyards in the valley itself. So a few large wineries, intent on capitalizing on the Napa name, began importing grapes into Napa Valley from counties outside Napa - such as Modesto and Sonoma. They tempted buyers with clever names such as Napa Ridge - a beverage that contained no Napa grapes at all. Fortunately for wine enthusiasts, a new Napa County ordinance was passed in 1990 to enforce what is known as the 75% Solution. This ordinance requires that all new and expanding wineries use at least 75% grapes grown in Napa if they want to use the name 'Napa' on their labels.

During the same period of time, coffee afficionados made Kona coffee, grown on the volcanic slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii, one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. Once you smell the fragrance of fresh ground Kona beans, the aroma of just-brewed Kona coffee, and taste its body and unique flavor, often accented with notes of wine and chocolate, you'll join the fans who make a good cup of Kona coffee a lifetime search. The problem is that, until recently, there has been no legal protection for consumers from coffee producers and roasters determined to get rich by falsely using the Kona. No wonder why, all too often after finding their special treasure, many folks are disappointed with its quality.

The good news is that now the new Kona coffee certification trademark should make it easier to detect the 'real deal'. Whether shopping at your local coffeehouse, on the Internet, or through a catalog, just ask your supplier to verify that there was a tag printed with certification trademark '100% Kona Coffee' stitched to the burlap bags of unroasted Kona coffee they put in their roaster. At this time, the Hawaii law only requires the mark on bags of unroasted coffee intended for sale as '100% Kona Coffee', but your local roaster can put the mark directly on their bags of roasted coffee on the shelf, making your search simpler.

Fortunately, for most of us, there is an easier way to find and purchase this quintessential brew. You can ensure both authenticity and freshness by ordering direct from one of a handful of estate Kona coffee farmers that actually grow, process, roast and ship the 'best of the best' direct to your doorstep. You'll be amazed at the difference, due to its purity and freshness. On Hawaii Island few estate growers are admired as the benchmark for coffee that delivers the quality that Kona coffee lovers seek.

Nestled in the hills of Honaunau mauka, over looking Kona's Honaunau Valley and Kealekaekua Bay, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Kailua-Kona village, grows a six acre organic garden. Here Rooster Farms Coffee Co. produces the finest Certified Organic '100% Kona Coffee'. The Roosters' coffee is fresh, smooth, full-flavored, very aromatic and has the distinct touch of sweetness characteristic of the mauka bean. Mail ordered fresh from our farm to you via USPS Priority mail. We gladly except Visa and MasterCard. Contact the Rooster at (808) 328-9173, Fax (808) 328-9378, e-mail, or the web site