In addition to coffee, we have been

busy planting turmeric root throughout our farm, furthering our permaculture and agroforest environment!

Organic Quality

Why organic? Why ask why! Why -shouldn’t- we know what we put into our bodies and what effects any harmful foods or products may have in the short and long term, let alone on our one earth?.

About our Olena / Turmeric

Rooster Farms is the oldest certified organic farm in Hawaii, being certified for over 38 years.  We already produce some of the worlds best Kona Coffee, and have begun growing "Olena" or Turmeric, on our rich volcanic soils, recently fortified with abundant micronutrients form the Volcanic eruption. 

Because our soil has been organic for over 38 years, our Turmeric is higher in curcumins than other turmeric you are currently using.  Most of turmeric being sold in North America comes from other countries and are of a inferior variety that does not contain as many curcumins, the active ingredient in Turmeric that your customers are looking for.

Our standard variety, well suited to production of baby turmeric, has a sweet taste to it that does not make finished products bitter, and often Contains about 4.8% curcumins according to laboratory tests of the strain.

Rarely grown in North America, turmeric and ginger can only be grown in a few, select places. Hawaii, with its radiant sunshine, abundant rainwater and nutrient-rich soil, is one of them. Turmeric is what you might call a “super herb.” It’s used in many food products including curry, mustard, baked goods and dairy goods. A potent and medicinal food, turmeric is popular for its anti-inflammatory effects. This is due to one of its main components, curcumin. Rooster Farms has expanded into this healing herb and we’d love for you to try our new crop!


Olena or Turmeric, Flavorful & All-Healing!